Trink Impossible Glass
3rd Generation Composition Layers
Trink Impossible glass is composed of multiple layers which makes it stronger than the other screen protectors or tempered glasses.
These layers are :
  • Nano Oleophobic Coating
  • Scratch Resistant Layer
  • Shock Dispersion Layer
  • Stretch Resistant Layer
  • Silicon Adhesive Layer
Reduce the risk of Expensive Screen Repairs
Trink Impossible Glass screen protection technology will strengthen your original screen’s shock resistance capability by up to 5 times! Protecting your screen from cracking under accidental direct impacts.
9H Nano Scratch Resistant layer
Trink Impossible Glass screen protector’s top layer is engineered with industry’s highest 9h hardness rating. The newly added super oleophobic coating also makes it more scratch resistant , as reduced fiction will cause dangerous materials to slide off the surface rather than damaging it , Effectively protecting your screen from daily wear and tear.
Industry’s leading coating technology
The upgraded Oleophobic coating material is optimized for an enhanced smooth touch operation and improved touchscreen responsiveness.
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